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Homemade Whole Grain Matzah


+29 Unleavened bread is easy to make and perfect for many uses from Passover Matzah to Communion crackers. The best unleavened bread is, of course, made at home using the freshest ingredients and especially 100% whole grain flour, milled fresh … Continue reading

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Kamut Challah

Challah 9

+38 Challah is the delicious, slightly sweet, braided egg bread that is a staple on Jewish tables for Sabbath and other holidays. Challah has become a treasured part of holiday and every day family meals for families from all over … Continue reading

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Kamut Bread


+31 Have you heard of Kamut (pronounced kah-MOOT)? Kamut is an ancient variation of wheat under a brand name. The type of grain (wheat) is khorasan and it is described as an “ancient relative of modern durum wheat originating in the … Continue reading

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