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I love cooking simple but delicious meals! I share tips for kosher, healthy living and approaches to treating cancer naturally by letting the body heal itself through nutrition and lifestyle change. Come join me in cooking and eating fresh, wholesome foods!

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Chickpea Wrap or Cracker

+10 The chickpea wrap or cracker recipe is adapted from my falafel chip recipe at  The real difference is that the wrap/crackers is baked on a waffle cone maker so you get more control over the texture of the … Continue reading

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Soft Buckwheat Rolls

+15 It’s hard to make soft buckwheat rolls without adding flour. They tend to be dense and chewy.To overcome this problem, I used a different technique to make these without yeast by adapting a cream puff recipe. This is modified … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat French Bread

+16 We love french bread but have always been afraid to try baking it ourselves.  Finally, I found a recipe that works.  I used freshly ground whole wheat flour milled from white wheat berries with my own WonderMill instead of … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Beef Empanada Crust

+12 Who does not enjoy spicy fried snacks? These beef empanadas or beef turnovers are very filling snacks that can be fried or baked.  They are so portable and delicious  Many Hispanic countries use different fillings for this delicacy. Our beef … Continue reading

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