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Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Living has been an avid and passionate student of health and nutrition for over 30 years. For the last 25 years Vickilynn has been well-known for her experience reviewing and personally using different tools of the homemaking vocation, focusing on the areas of health and nutrition. Vickilynn is a radio show hostess, magazine columnist, trusted product reviewer, cookbook author of Wrapping It Up! and  co-author of Naturally Healthy Cuisine, Real Food for Real Families. She is also a popular and frequent guest on radio shows, expert panels, speaking engagements as well as being full-time wife, home educator and mom of 5 children. 

Kamut Challah

+38 Challah is the delicious, slightly sweet, braided egg bread that is a staple on Jewish tables for Sabbath and other holidays. Challah has become a treasured part of holiday and every day family meals for families from all over … Continue reading

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Kamut Bread

+31 Have you heard of Kamut (pronounced kah-MOOT)? Kamut is an ancient variation of wheat under a brand name. The type of grain (wheat) is khorasan and it is described as an “ancient relative of modern durum wheat originating in the … Continue reading

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Decadent Non-Dairy Chocolate Cake for a Crowd

+11 During the holidays we have lots of family and friends into our home and I love to have comforting and homey food for them. Everyone loves chocolate cake, but this can be me non-dairy for those with dairy sensitivities. … Continue reading

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In a Hurry Whole Wheat Crescent Rolls

+13 Need to serve delicious quick whole-grain rolls in a hurry? Try these light and sweet lovelies. I like to shape them into crescents for a special feel, or rolled into knots, or simply shaped into a round roll for … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

+15 Sometimes I want simple, easy, quick-to-assemble cookies with clean, traditional tastes. This is my go-to recipe for whole grain, peanut butter cookies that satisfy the sweet cravings, but they are not overly-sweet. Our daughters love to make this recipe … Continue reading

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Whole Grain Light Rye Bread

+15 There’s something so deliciously earthy about a really good rye bread. Especially with a smattering of fragrant caraway seeds. Especially made with 100% whole grains, freshly-ground. However, rye bread can be a rather strong flavor and some people prefer … Continue reading

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Corn and Wheat Tortillas

+64 Corn tortillas are a staple food, the base of meals from all over the world. Traditional corn tortillas are made with hominy corn treated with lime and water. The dough is called “masa” (meaning “dough”) and powdered masa can … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Muffins

+14 The beginning of Autumn heralds the coming harvest of sweet potatoes! Our state, (NC) is the country’s biggest producers of sweet potatoes and there are many ways to use them. One delicious way is to make light, fluffy, 100% … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Snack Cake

+9 This cake is light, sweet and very versatile. Use whatever dried fruit you have on hand and whatever whole grain flour you prefer. I use Kamut in this cake because it brings a golden, mild, buttery flavor perfect for … Continue reading

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Herbed Kamut Pasta

+15 Why make pasta at home when you can easily buy it at the store? For the same reasons to make fresh, homemade and whole grain breads, tortillas, bagels, muffins and everything else you can! Fresh, fresh, fresh! The taste … Continue reading

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